Friday, 8 April 2022

New Mandala - work in progress

I've been busy working on a new mandala painting which hopefully will be ready for the MK Open exhibition at Westbury Arts Centre. 

Once the exhibition has finished I hope to donate the piece to Arts for Health MK, a charity based in Milton Keynes who use arts and creativity to improve people's health and wellbeing.

Step 1: trace out lines using watercolour pencil and compass.

Step 2: start with white to map out some of the patterns.

Step 4: Filled in with blue and custard colours to enhance floral areas.

Step 5: Adding pink, purple plus more mustard.


Murals at Tesco, Wolverton

The murals are now up in the Tecso's precinct, they really uplift the space and bring it to life.
Locals had a lovely celebration of the work going up last weekend alongside the opening of pop up cafe, Cafe Zero.

  • My mosaic bird can be seen flying on one of the pillars.
    Made in a community workshop with Jill Kitchen and Cathy Ebbels.
The first beautiful mural by Timothy Layden and Luke McDonald.

The second beautiful mural by Timothy Layden and Luke McDonald.

Metal sculpture by Sara Myers.
Stunning stained glass birds by Cathy Ebbels.

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Swallows, Swifts & House Martins

Had a fun afternoon making a mosaic bird for a new mural which will be located at the Tescos entrance to The Bath House. It will feature Swallows, Swifts and House Martins, all known to nest in Wolverton. Very much looking forward to seeing the finished mural in November!

My house martin bird

A pair of house martins, the one on the right by a fellow creative.

Mine with a friends bird on the right: a beautiful swift

Saturday, 10 July 2021

Milton Keynes Open Exhibition

MK Open Exhibition is in full swing at Westbury Arts Centre!

It is being held from 10-18th July 11am - 4pm

For further details about the event and to book your slot visit:

You can also view the online gallery at

Can you spot my Springtime Elegance Mandala piece?

Friday, 16 October 2020

Arts for Health Exhibition

Arts for Health Exhibition @ MK Gallery project space
16 October - 15 November 2020

Arts for Health features selected artworks made between March and July 2020 by artists living in Milton Keynes and its surrounding areas through a range of media - including painting, drawing, photography and film - the exhibition aims to create dialogue and awareness around those living and working in social isolation.

Arts for Health also includes work created by Milton Keynes Disability Awareness Day 2020, an annual event which highlights the talents of people with disabilities. Artworks which explore the daily experiences faced by many who live with disability now seem to have more public resonance as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic; from the discovery of joy in simple things to the comforts and discomforts of repetition or disrupted routines. Within this context, Arts for Health invites a reimagining of the way society views physical disability and mental health. 

This exhibition is presented by Arts for Health Milton Keynes, a charity who use the arts and creativity to improve the health and wellbeing of their local community. This exhibition features artworks made by artists working at Milton Keynes University Hospital, as well as art therapists and artists whose work has recently adapted, evolved or had an unexpected resurgence.

(Text above copied from the wall of the exhibition)
To view the online exhibition and read more about each artist please visit

Headstart Art Group: Forest, Arylic and mixed media on canvas

John Cloake: Lifespans and Sharpened Senses, both watercolour, 

Top: Laura Brown - Self Sanctuary, kiln fired clay,
Bottom: Carol Ashmore - Balanced & Grounded, 
Mixed Media Sculpture, 

Sarah Gage - Contemplation (2020) Liquid Latex and Ink

Left to Right: Mel Kidd-White - Cardoon Thistle with Bees, acrylic on paper,
Felicity Williams - Self-doubt, watercolour and ink on paper and 
Time, watercolour and ink on paper.

Sarah Gage - Cherub (2020) Liquid Latex

Left to Right: Jan Harrington - Apart Together (2020) Embroidery thread on linen, Steve Musk - Apart Together (2020) Embroidery thread on linen and Lance FEnnel - Two Bridges, oil on board / frame.

Left to Right: Marlene Maybury, Ferenia Kachaka, Annette Holcroft, Anon, Mondy Panter, Naomi Lutman, Sharda Patel, Trevor Jeavons & Lance Fennel.

Laura Gibson and Effie McGuire Ward - Duet: contemporary dance (2020) 


Naomi Lutman - Resting Mayfly (2020) digital photograph SOLD

Sarah Trumper - Love it or Hate it, mixed media on paper,

Katrina Norton - giz a smile, reused textiles

Video from MK DAD 2020 zoom event

Friday, 6 December 2019

We Are All Artists Exhibition

Work by MK Gallery Volunteers and Staff
6 - 28 December 2019

A selection of work by volunteers and staff 

A selection of work by volunteers and staff 
Heaven and Hell, Acrylic on Cartridge Paper by Naomi Lutman
My first exhibition submission in the last 3 years, a piece created many moons ago for an illustration project, during the first year of my BA(Hons) Graphic Design degree course.

Saturday, 24 September 2016


Transformation is a contemporary art and textiles exhibition held at The Cornerstone Church, Milton Keynes from 24th September until 30th October 2016. 

My textiles piece 'Butterfly Release' is on display during the exhibition and is a quadriptych showing four butterfly designs that signify the changing seasons through the variety of colours, patterns and textures of fabric. The piece incorporates machine embroidery, reverse applique, foiling and beadwork techniques.

Here are some examples of other work at the exhibition - a beautiful display of colour and texture through a wide variety of techniques - well worth a visit!